From Pastor Jeff

Thank You for an Outstanding VBS 2017!

As I write this, we have just completed a great week of Vacation Bible School and Day Camp. The numbers of students and workers were very similar to last year, which is good. We had outstanding help this year provided through the Georgia Baptist Collegiate Ministries. Mallory Holley (from Georgia Southwestern), Amy Jenkins (from Mercer), Sarah Johnson (from Shorter), and Rachel Smith (from West Georgia) are still spending their summer working as “VBS Summer Missionaries.” They did an outstanding job teaching and working with our children in both VBS and Day Camp.

We had an outstanding VBS staff this year consisting of the following:

• VBS Director: Frankie Lynn Clardy
• VBS Secretaries: Tricia Fallin and Lori Smith
• Craft Rotation Leaders: Sherry Davenport and Betty Hightower
• Drama Rotation Leaders: Amy Lowe Howell, Destiny Epps
• Music Rotation Leaders: Franklin Lowe and Mallory Holley
• Bible Lesson Rotation Leaders: Ann Lowe, Jeff Lowe, Zane Thuotte, and Rachel Smith
• Snack Leaders: Sandra Hollis, Eddie Hollis, Mary Ann Tucker, Pat Marshall, and Linda Wanzer
• Kindergarten & First Grade Leaders: Makira Watkins, Elizabeth Watt, and Elizabeth Robertson
• Second & Third Grade Leaders: Rosalind Tyler, Beverly Barwick, Jackson Effiom, and Martina Takang
• Fourth Grade Leaders: Sarah Johnson, Bessem Takang, and Jessica Ihenyen
• Fifth & Sixth Grade Leaders: Amy Jenkins, Clifford Barret, and Joel Effiom
• Registration Helpers: Deborah Alabi, Connie Rayburn, Denise Husband, and Constance Takang
• Office Volunteer: Shirley Brookshire

(If I left anyone off the list, I apologize!) I thank God for each of these workers and for the privilege of teaching in Vacation Bible School.

To God be the Glory!

---Pastor Jeff Lowe