From Pastor Jeff

The Season of Lent: a Time of Preparation for Holy Week and Easter

My mother would never allow me to eat dessert first. There was many a meal when I would have enjoyed doing so, but such was never permitted.

The way many people celebrate Easter is similar to eating dessert first. They focus on Christmas (they may even attend church!) and then go into hibernation until Easter Sunday, when they, again, may attend a church. They go from one spiritual dessert, Christmas, to the next spiritual dessert, Easter. This is not a healthy spiritual diet. A disciple of Christ cannot skip Holy Week and the events leading up to it. Palm Sunday, Jesus’ debates with and condemnation of the Pharisees, Scribes, and Sadducees, reveals a week of confrontation and controversy that comes to a violent and brutal end when Jesus dies on the Cross.

The Christian Season of Lent is designed to help us, as disciples of Christ, to focus on spiritual reflection, prayer, devotional readings, and aid to the poor and those in physical and spiritual need. It is not simply a time to “give something up.” It is much less important to give up sugar in your iced tea than to put your prayers and Bible readings into action by helping someone who is struggling spiritually or who has physical needs such as food, inadequate clothing, a place to sleep, etc.

Lent is not only a time for spiritual contemplation, but for putting into action what we discover through our prayers and thoughts. Do that over the six weeks of Lent and you’ll be ready to enjoy the “dessert” of the Glorious Resurrection of Jesus

~Pastor Jeff Lowe