Pastor's Pen

Our 125th Anniversary Celebration

Welcome to the 125th Anniversary Celebration of the founding of Riverdale’s First Baptist Church! This special commemorative issue of the First News contains information about today’s worship service and luncheon, plus thoughts on the future of the church.

A few words about the future. In Riverdale and the northern part of Clayton County the major demographic groups are Blacks (African Americans, Africans, Caribbean Islanders, etc.) and Hispanics. Whites are almost an insignificant minority, especially in the local schools.

But, thanks be to God that He has led the church to be open and accepting of people from many different nationalities and races. With that being stated, Riverdale First Baptist Church is probably the most ethnically diverse congregation in the community.

Churches and communities run in cycles. For example, from 1995 to 2005, our church had a large and active youth ministry. Today, the majority of church attenders are senior adults. Senior Adult African American ladies make up most of our visitors today.

Enjoy the 125th Anniversary Celebration! One hundred twenty-five years ago the founders of this church could not imagine the church of 2019. Yes, our God is a God of change and transformation. The church of 1894 was God’s vision of the church at that time. The church of 2019 is, I pray, God’s vision of the church for this time. What will the future bring? God alone knows. As the hymn goes, “I know Who holds the future.” Thanks be to the God of the past, the present, and the future!

~Pastor Jeff Lowe