From Pastor Jeff

Holy Week and Easter at First Baptist Riverdale

March will be a very busy month in the lives of the members and friends of Riverdale First Baptist Church. Holy Week begins the last Sunday of March and Easter follows on Sunday, April 1. Here is the schedule for Holy Week Services.
Yes, there is a great deal going on during the month of March, but that is how it should be as we approach Easter Sunday. I love Christmas, but Easter, or Resurrection Sunday, is the most important date on the Christian calendar. Without the atoning death of Christ Jesus upon the Cross and the Glorious Resurrection of our Lord on the morning of the third day, there would be no Christmas to celebrate.

Preparing to celebrate Easter is increasingly important to me. Striving to have special times of prayer, reflection, and service during Lent is a great way to prepare for Holy Week. From Palm Sunday through Holy Saturday, Holy Week should be a time of intense preparation for celebrating the Resurrection. This year we have a very special event, a presentation of “Christ in the Passover” by Mark Landrum, a missionary from Jews for Jesus. A special invitation for this service is on the back of the calendar page included in this First News. I have invited the Thursday morning Bible Study group from Christian Fellowship Baptist Church to join us for this very special service of worship. The service will take place at 12 Noon in the Sanctuary and will include the Lord’s Supper after we learn how Jesus can be seen in certain elements of Pesach, or Passover. The basic elements of the Passover Meal, or Seder, include a hard-boiled egg, water, salt, parsley sprigs, an unpeeled onion, an apple, and ground horseradish. I won’t explain the meaning of these objects, I’ll save that for the Christ in the Passover presentation.

~Pastor Jeff Lowe