Pastor's Pen

Bess by the Goodness of God!

God continues to be extraordinarily good to the members and friends of Riverdale First Baptist. The financial strength of the church is one way to see this goodness, but there are other, perhaps more important ways that reveal the goodness of God.

The church remains involved in ministry to the people of our community. The Food Pantry ministry and the gift cards from Kroger continue to make a difference in the lives of people. The collection of school supplies, sponsored by the LLL Club, went extremely well. The principal at Church Street Elementary was most appreciative for these supplies. Since I began reading to Kindergarten children at Church Street last year, I have been very impressed by the school administrators, staff, teachers, and children. I know we will enjoy Church Street Elementary School Day on October 13. Perhaps God will show us additional ways we can be a good “Partner in Education” with Church Street Elementary.

Dedicated Sunday School teachers are another blessing to the members and friends of First Baptist Riverdale. We have faithful teachers in our preschool and elementary school class and two wonderful adult classes. Coupled with worship services empowered by the leadership of the Holy Spirit, it is clear that God blesses us every week with His love and grace.

The sermon series for September is “The Peace that Only God Can Give.” That will be followed by sermons on “Love” in October and “Joy” in November. Thank you for your prayers as I seek to preach in such a way that God is glorified.

May the Lord bless you and yours!

~Pastor Jeff Lowe