From Pastor Jeff

May the GFORCE Be with You!
Sermon Series Begins September 10

Inspired by one of the school-wide themes at Riverdale Elementary School, I am beginnning a sermon series this month with the motto, “May the GFORCE Be with You!” The first question to ask is “What is this GFORCE and why should I want it in my life?” Well, the GFORCE, or God Force, is the Holy Spirit of God, the Spirit which is within all Christians. Although the Holy Spirit is given to every believer, most of us have not really allowed the Holy Spirit to become active in our lives. We keep trying to serve God and others out of our own energy and strength, rather than allowing the Holy Spirit to empower us and guide us.

When I was volunteering last year at the school I saw signs and t-shirts promoting the theme “GFORCE: Growing into Great Citizens.” I have adapted this concept into a sermon series entitled “GFORCE: Growing into Great Disciples of Christ.” The aim of the series is: “Activating the God Force in Our Lives, in the Church, and in the Community.”

G - Growing into Great Disciples of Christ
F - Focused on Faith and Fellowship
O - Organized and God-led
R - Respectful to God, Self, and Others
C - Committed to Being Accountable to God to Others
E - Excelling Service to God, to the Church and to Our Neighbors

I hope you will join me as we begin this exciting series of sermons.
May the GFORCE be with YOU!

---Pastor Jeff Lowe