From Pastor Jeff

May the GFORCE Be with You!

The Sermon Series, “Activating the God Force in Our Lives, in Our Church, and in Our Community” began in September and will continue through the holidays and into the New Year. In October, our attention will focus on the importance of developing a strong faith as we seek to become great disciples of Christ. I hope you will join me every Sunday morning as we explore how the power of God, the Holy Spirit, can help us grow personally in our relationship with Christ and help our church, and even our community, be touched by the transforming power of God.”



G - Growing Great Disciples of Christ
F - Focused on Faith and Fellowship
O - Obedient to God and Organized to Serve
R - Respectful to God, Others, Self
C - Committed to Christ
E - Excelling in Faith, Hope, and Love

---Pastor Jeff Lowe