Pastor's Pen

A Month for Giving Thanks

November is traditionally a month for giving thanks to God. This November is no exception. Although we have recently seen the tragic murder of eleven of our Jewish brothers and sisters, we know that justice will be served for this murderer. That justice may or may not be meted out in this world, but I have no question that justice will certainly be meted out by the Almighty God.

I AM THANKFUL that no one was hurt from the pipe bombs that were mailed by an individual whose bitterness at his many failures in life turned him into a violent criminal.

I AM THANKFUL that we live in a country where every citizen has the right to register to vote. I do wish more people would avail themselves of their right to vote. I consider voting to be a patriotic act. That’s one reason why I like to vote at the polling place on election day, to talk with the poll workers and other voters as we wait in line. It brings me great pleasure to exercise my right to vote. If you haven’t already voted, I hope you will exercise your civil duty and vote!

I AM NOT THANKFUL that we live in a country that is so divided politically, racially, ethnically, socially, and religiously that sick and twisted home-grown terrorists here in the United States will murder people as they attend worship in their synagogue, will murder worshipers in a Baptist church in Texas and in a Baptist church in Charleston. The school shootings that have occurred so often that we are almost numb to them. The Las Vegas shooting, the Orlando shooting, the Boston Marathon bombing, the list goes on and on. Paul writes that we are faced with evil powers and principalities. Paul is right. We are facing evil, an evil that will seek to destroy anyone who is in its path. But, we do not face this evil alone, we have the Holy Spirit and our sisters and brothers in Christ. We have honest and dedicated citizens in this country who may not share our religious beliefs, but they are just as grieved as we are. They are just as willing to stand against evil as we are. Together we can pray, grieve, and seek to make a difference in our local communities and, therefore, in our nation.

FINALLY, I AM VERY THANKFUL for beginning my twenty-third year as your pastor this month. We have had many wonderful times together. Times when we laughed together and times when we have cried together. None of us are perfect, but I truly believe the members and friends of this church seek to express their love for God by loving not only their fellow church friends, but by loving our neighbors. May God empower you and me to continue serving the God of grace and glory!


~Pastor Jeff Lowe